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Laughter In The Next Room

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We had such a wonderful time in church yesterday morning (in the evening service, as well). It was a blessing to our family and our church to have our “far away” child and family to be with us for a few days and be able to attend church with us. Then we all gathered for lunch.

After we’d finished….kids running everywhere…in and out, as it was warm enough to be outside, I began the cleanup…and focused on the sounds still coming from the dining room. Blessed sounds. The sounds of my 3 grown children talking and laughing in the next room. (I wondered about this as they were growing up with all the fussing they did…lol)

Why BLESSED sounds, you say?

There are many families who don’t/can’t be together….whether it be miles that separate….unforgiveness….grudges. I love the times when we are all able to be together, for they are rare.

Last week we attended a funeral, and when I asked where a certain person was, I was told there was some “squabble” in the family and they wouldn’t come. Even when there is death! How sad!

I know I shouldn’t have worried, for it is wrong, when our kids were growing up, that they would love and serve the Lord, but it was….and still is….the greatest desire of my heart.

So, we did our best to delight in Him, as His Word says…to love Him….to want what He wants….striving, STRIVING to do His will. And by His being SO merciful and showing SUCH grace to us, I can say I believe our kids love the Lord with their whole hearts.

Are they perfect? NO! Are their homes perfect? NO! Do they make mistakes? YES! ( I mean, this Momma wants to say they’re near perfection, but….lol) Are they…are we above “falling”? NO!!

But I think they are close enough to the Lord to see their need and ask for His help.

So to you whose children are still home….maybe you are having some of the same “worries” I did. ….”should I do this”…..”am I doing this right”……”what if”……”what decision do I make here”.

The best advice I have is Draw nigh to Him. Seek Him. Love Him. Trust Him.

We must pray. We must read His Word. We must be faithful.

I just wanted to share my thankful, rejoicing heart today.


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