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Her Hands

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The other day I was looking at my daughter’s hands. They are so pretty! I had painted her little fingernails for church, and she was wearing a bracelet. She was all dressed up, but I was drawn to her hands.

Right now, she plays doctor, dolls, she digs in the dirt with her brothers. She put those fingers into a bag of flour the other day when I was out of the kitchen, and poured it all over her lap. And laughed!

She once painted pink nail polish all over her bedroom during naptime with those beautiful little fingers. The cedar chest still has that pink stain.

She loves to get into my makeup when I’m not looking, and she uses those hands!

While I was looking at those pretty little fingers, a stillness came over my heart. Those hands are going to have an important job someday. Maybe they will be the hands of a wife, cooking dinner for her busy doctor-husband. Maybe she will be the one with the doctor’s hands, saving lives. Maybe she will carry the gospel to the jungle, or the desert.

Maybe my daughter will be someone’s mommy, their entire world. Maybe she will be a counselor who saves someone’s marriage or even their life. Maybe she will work with the disabled, or with the poor.

I have no idea the jobs God has given my daughters to do. Or my sons. But may God help me use my hands to raise my children for Him! They have big jobs to do too!


❤ Joy B.


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