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How will they hear?

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We are just finishing up an amazing week of Vacation Bible School and my heart is absolutely overflowing!

Every year my Husband and I have the awesome opportunity to host this amazing event in our hometown. For some children who come from battered homes; it truly is a “vacation” for them to come in each night and enjoy so much fun!  We pour our hearts into each child and love every single one of them.

Our goal each year is simple! Tell them how loved they are by God and show them just how much by teaching them about Jesus and how He died for us.

I absolutely love having the opportunity to share the Gospel with these beautiful children who walk through our doors. As I get to know them and learn their names, I fall more and more in love with them. For a brief moment I get their attention and a moment to speak to their hearts and I don’t take it lightly. It truly is an honor.

So as I was teaching this week, I heard a little boy praying during prayer time and he was inviting Jesus into his heart! I couldn’t help but tear up.

To know that he settled things in his little heart and accepted Jesus just brought so much joy to me.

But… there are so many children in this world who need to hear, who need to know and the thing that came to my mind was this….

How will they hear without a teacher?

How will they know about our Jesus, if we don’t tell them?

My heart was so overwhelmed. This ignited a fire in my soul to be a better soul winner.

I thought back to the age of 16 when Rick shared the gospel with me for the very first time. I didn’t know how much God loved me. I didn’t realize He died on the cross for “me.” I had no idea that I could accept Him into my heart and be saved; until someone told me.

Who was it in your life that impacted you to make this decision for Christ? I would love to hear.

God has given so many of us the gift of being able to speak and oh how amazing it is when we can use our gifts for the Lord…

Class after class, lesson after lesson, more children came to know the Lord this week and I know Heaven was surely rejoicing!!!

I just had a small part in that blessing.

God was able to use me, as unworthy as I am to tell others about Him..

And guess what friend? He can use you too!

Oh what a job we have to do while here on this earth.

It was the last thing Jesus spoke about before joining the Father in Heaven.

Go… into all the world and teach and preach the Gospel. Matthew 28-19-20

I am so thankful that the Lord has enabled our Church to be able to have this outreach in our community. And I truly pray that so many of those precious young ones chose to live for Christ all of their days. Living for Jesus is so wonderful and SO rewarding!!!!

Please pray with us friends as tonight all the parents will have the opportunity to come and hear the Gospel as well. Please pray for my precious Husband as He preaches and gives his lesson. Please pray that many of these parents will see their need for Jesus and accept Him as well.

We are all in this together and we all have an amazing job to do. Let’s do our best to be a voice for the Lord. You never know whose life you could touch!

This world is counting on us to tell them about Gods love. How will they hear without us?

John 3:16


Much Love,



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