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Formula Flop

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formula flop       Oh, you know the “easy, homemade, simple” recipe for kid’s paint? You know it isn’t hard to figure out, and it only requires a few ingredients that you already have? You know it worked on Pinterest?

All of the above is true of my try at kid’s paint today, but my easy paint recipe turned out more like barely tinted gravy instead of bright colorful paint as I had envisioned.

It reminded me of how we naturally gravitate to lists and formulas in our lives. Some of us are even willing to take on challenging recipes or formulas over the simple for desired results.

These thoughts I share with you, my fellow mom friends, from my formula flop:

  1. Every child/parent/family is unique, therefore, there is not one simple formula guaranteeing success.
  2. Although there is not a sole simple robotic formula for parenting, there is a simple way to find the formulas or recipes that work for you and your family. It is through the access that we have to the Holy Spirit. He is ready and willing to direct us if we truly want the answer. What may help one child may not help another. What may work for you in parenting may not work for me.

I’m thankful to be reminded that when my formulas or plans do not make pretty paint, that I can ask the LORD to show me what I need to change for the particular project or problem. Most importantly, I’m reminded that I’m never alone. When my recipe flops, He is there in my failure, and ready to help me get His formula.

Maybe, I’ll try a new paint recipe tomorrow. “His mercies are new every morning.”

Blessings, Jeri Lynn


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