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A Glimpse of the Future

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Today, I am home with only two children. My other two are visiting with my parents in Tennessee for a few days.

My big ones are home; my little ones are gone.

The first day of this quiet, I realized something. This is a glimpse of the future. I had school with my boys, cleaned, exercised, had some quiet time with the laptop planning next school year, and perusing Avon books. This is what my future looks like. No toddler messes. No diapers, no pulling entire bookshelves onto the floor. šŸ˜‰ I don’t know what life with no little ones looks like. I know it will still be busy! But in the middle of the littles, it’s easy to feel lost and discouraged. Nothing stays clean, there is a lot of screaming. And even though we wouldn’t trade being a mommy of a little one for ANYTHING, there are those momentsĀ when you find nail polish everywhere, or realize 6 bath towels are stuffed into the toilet, or discover every tube of lipstick destroyed. And going on a little mommy-cation crosses your mind! Anyone relate?

But while my little ones were gone, I missed my 2-year-old’s snuggles, and my 4-year-old’s giggles. But I loved my 6-year-old’s reading practice, and my 8-year-old’s conversations. I felt happy, I felt torn. Weird, I know. But as I LOVED the quiet, I was MISSING a piece of my heart.

I know life will never be free from busy-ness, and chaos. But life without the toddler messes is a reality. That phase is passing.

We will trade diapers for real-life-problem conversations. We will give up board books for novels. We will lay down our bedtime stories, and replace those with deep discussions about life and God. We will stop going to library story time, and start soccer practice.

Life will change. There is an end to the toddler chaos. So, embrace it. Enjoy those tiny hands that make big messes!

There is no promise of tomorrow, only this moment!

I am purposing today to enjoy each stage of my kids’ lives. Join me!


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