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Good morning friends! I hope this day is off to a great start for you all.

Today is a good day because it’s another day to live and breathe and enjoy this life the Lord has given us!

Wherever you are today, I hope you can find the beauty and happiness that Jesus desires for you to enjoy.

I just want to take a moment to share with you something I came across that I am so excited about!

About a month ago I came across the sweetest little idea and I can’t wait to implement it into our home.

I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw on a group I follow, an idea for a journal for kids. Now this isn’t a journal just for them, but for the parents as well.

Its a Dear Daughter/Dear Son journal where  you can write back and forth with your child. A place where you can encourage them and they can respond.. A place that is uninterrupted where you can share your hearts with each other in your own time and space.

I just love this idea!!!

Being the mom of 4 kiddos ranging from ages 1-10, one thing I don’t have a lot of is uninterrupted conversations. 😉 And to me, that’s a hard thing.

I want to hear my children out. I want to know whats on their hearts. I want to know what’s discouraging them or exciting them and I want to help them/or be celebrate with them through it!!

This idea gives even more opportunity for that. 😊

Like many Moms of multiple children, my greatest fear is simply… Time.

There just never seems to be enough of it. It goes by so quickly. And as the sun sets on one day it is ever so quickly coming up the next..  And honestly, I don’t want to miss it.

So last night I purchased two journals for my bigger boys (ages 8 and 10) and I can’t wait to get started.

I love taking my children out on dates individually and I look so forward to that alone time with them. I think this will help me be in tune with their little hearts in between.

Writing is a beautiful way to express our hearts. I know for me after the unexpected loss of our first daughter, writing was a huge tool to help me through that difficult time. Looking back at my words, I realize it has helped me so much over the last 5 years to see how far the Lord has brought me. It truly is a beautiful thing.

So who’s with me? Grab a notebook or a journal and title it Dear (your child’s name) tell them something you love about them or what they do that makes you proud. Then slip it under their pillow and have them return it to yours after they have written. Such a sweet simple idea to hear from their little hearts. ❤️

Happy writing!

Much Love,


~I would love to hear from any of you here who implement this into your home and how the response goes. I will also share how it goes for us! 😊





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