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Whether the world tries to do it to us or we do it to ourselves, we are constantly hearing the lies of the devil:

You are unworthy.

You are not loved. 

Your life will amount to nothing.

You are not capable.

You are undesirable.

No one knows you.

You are all alone.

You are just a mistake.

We compare ourselves to people, pictures of people, and ideas that other people have. But I want to encourage you to compare yourself to what God has written in Ephesians 1:4-16. (click on the link to read it.)

My sweet sister in Christ, I have some amazing news for you.

God choose YOU.


God loves you! …no I said …He loves YOU. You ARE loved by Him. 

You are forgiven. You are holy and blameless through Jesus Christ.


You are saved and not just saved but sealed!


You were adopted– which makes you the heir of God, which makes you co-heir with Jesus, which makes you very very rich.


You were His workmanship. He created you. He formed you in your mother’s womb. You ARE NOT a mistake. You are exactly how He designed you.


You are a gift. 


You are accepted by God. 

Oh, dear sister. DO NOT listen to the devil anymore. You were created to be something so much more then you imagined. You are God’s little girl and He choose you to be His little girl and He loves you. Don’t ever forget that. – Rejoicing,

Joy T


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