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Good Job

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Every night, as I put sweet little “T” down for bed, I give her a thousand kisses and we pray.  Recently, she has been asking to pray and this is what she says… 

“Dear God …Dear God? …good job?…. good job?…” and she continues this until I help her with “Thank you for…”

Her “Dear God” and “Good job” sound exactly alike. 

I’m not quite sure how, but it sounds like the same phrase and so over and over again when she prays it sounds like she is saying “good job!!!”


Do we ever tell God, good job!?!?

 My prayers are full of “This person needs that and, God, I would like this and please stop this or please help me with this.”

…BUT do we ever just stop and say “Dear God, Good Job!!!!”  You have created us, you have saved us, you have sustained us!  You are AMAZING! Good Job!!!

Good Job, God!!!!

Just a little thought from a two-year old.  – Rejoicing in the Present

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