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DIY Housewife!

Who doesn’t like a little DIY in their life? Well, I like a LOT of DIY! It is so fun to take old ‘junk’ and give it new life…and it is so much more affordable than buying brand new furniture from the store.

I love finding a deal and a bargain. There are a lot of great shops that offer good prices to make your home stunning and beautiful. Tjmaxx, Target, Home Goods, Marshalls, Hobby Lobby…those are some of my favorites…but nothing beats a great cheap one of a kind find!

Garages sales, thrift stores, and even dumpsters are this girls best friend…HA!:))

I just want to inspire you to get creative. You don’t even need to BE a creative or crafty person to develop your own DIY skills. Pinterest is your teacher and guide!:) YouTube offers tons of great how to videos for redoing furniture and upholstery.

Here are a few DIY projects I’ve done over the fall and summer. I enjoy doing it to make extra money for my family…and once you start you can’t stop! The possibilities of making old into new are endless!:)

{Create a Fall or Thanksgiving topiary with things lying around the house. Just paint your little pumpkins!}

{Or Make a NO sew curtain with hot glue and drapery clips. Simple and Cheap! I found this fabric at Joann’s on sale & used a coupon.}

{Use an old baby Crib to make a chalkboard easel!}

{This old TV tray on the left was painted gold and made into a chalkboard to dress up my mantle!}

{This garage sale find got a fresh coat of paint and a new chalkboard finish!}

{I’m currently working on painting my dining table and chairs a pretty distressed white. The distressing will hide the love and distress my four children will bring to them! HA!}

A homemaker has the best job in all the world! In fact, God says she is valued more than rubies. Enjoy being the interior designer of your home! Make it a place where love, joy, and peace abide…and why not add a touch of cozy too! Hope this inspires you to spruce up your interiors while spreading love to your family. Enjoy!

Heidi S.

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Some Have Compassion…Some Make a Difference

Seems like recently the Lord keeps bring a word to the forefront of mind…a lot. Our church recently started a ministry called ‘Reformers Unanimous’. If you’re not familiar with it, it is a Bible based program that helps people break the chains of addiction, by first and foremost giving them the Gospel. This is such a great tool for winning people to Christ, and by the power of God giving them the tools they need to overcome the bondage in their life.

The truth is…addiction brings bondage.

No matter what kind of addiction we’re talking about….lying, cheating, stealing, drugs, alcohol, sex, eating disorders, gossiping, shop-a-holics, even self-righteousness. Anything can become an addiction.

As I was thinking about this weeks ago, the Lord convicted my heart of some areas in my life that I too have become a slave to. Things that may seem not so bad, but in reality were keeping me from opening my heart and love of Christ to people. We live in such a harsh world, down right mean if you will. Can’t everyone just play nice?:)

The Sunday school lessons in our church around this time were from the book of Jude, and like neon lights on the paper verse 22 jumped out at me…it reads,
“And of some have compassion, making a difference.” Jude 1:22

I have loved this verse for years ever since I first heard it, but again the Lord is using it in my life. As a stay at home mom, busy with my daily duties and family… I have to tell you I’m often tempted to just ‘keep to myself’…and not open our hearts and home to hurting people around us.

As women I believe God gives us a natural need to nurture and take care of things. That’s why we are so quick to give up our bodies for nine months as we cocoon sweet babies, and then wake every hour through the night feeding those sweet babies. We have a natural gift of compassion, that so often never leaves the steps of our front doors.

Will you be part of the ‘some’….will you ask God to use you to make a difference? The Lord so impressed this on my heart over the last month that I found myself talking to Him about it on several occasions, and explaining just how sorry I was for all the wasted opportunities to show compassion.

We mommies can reach the lonely mother at the park….we can have play dates with people we DON’T know so well, we can speak to the hurting teenage girl who is waiting in line at Starbucks…we can make a difference with our sweet smiles, kind words, and overflowing love of Christ….if we choose to.

Or we can hurry through the store with our lists, hurry through the church doors in our ministries, hurry to the gathering of our favorite friends….passing all the opportunities to reach out to the lonely and make a difference.

Will you be part of the ‘some’ and share the love of Christ with the ‘many’?

I want to be addicted to the right things. I want to be addicted to soul-winning and blessing people.
I don’t want to get so caught up in life that I miss the most important thing…bringing all the glory in it to Christ!! Pointing people to Him and not myself.
Lord, help me to be more like Jesus.

(I’ll end with the lyrics to a song our ladies group sings, I can’t think of the words while we’re singing or it makes me cry. So many need Jesus.)

Somebody’s down to their last dime,
Somebody’s running our of times,
Not too far from here.
Somebody’s got nowhere else to go,
Somebody needs a little hope,
Not too far from here.

And I may not know their name, but I’m praying just the same,
That you’ll use me Lord to wipe away a tear. Cuz somebody’s crying not to far from here.

Somebody’s Troubled and confused,
Somebody’s got nothin’ left to lose.
Not too far from here.
Somebody’s forgotten how to trust,
Somebody’s dying for love,
Not to far from here.

It may be a strangers face, but I’m praying for your grace. To move in me, and take away the fear. Cuz somebody’s hurting, not too far from here.

Help me Lord, not to turn away from pain.
Help me not to rest, while those around me weep.
Give me your strength and COMPASSION,
When somebody finds the road of life too steep.

Now I’m letting down my guard,
To speak you love to every needful ear.
Cuz somebody’s praying not too far from here.

Jesus is waiting, not too far from here.
(Song Not too Far From Here)

Heidi S.


Happy Happy Happy New Year!


Can you believe it’s that time of year again? When we kiss another year good bye & welcome with open arms a new fresh year of possibilities?? The Lord is good to give of new days, new dawns, new sunrises and sunsets….and new years.

With every new year, I like to take time to reflect on the past blessings God gave us and past burdens He lifted. God is good, all the time. I’m always amazed when doing this that there are many blessings I failed to see…and ashamedly didn’t thank Him for properly. It’s a great time to reflect on the goodness of God and tell Him how good He is!

Not only do I reflect, but I like to…dream big…if you will. What will come of this New Year? Will we travel? What new friends will we meet? What new things will our children do? What new memories will we make as a family? What new burdens & trials may come our way?  I recently read this quote, “Unknown Days with a Known God.” There is only truth in that statement. He is all knowing, and I know him personally, so I don’t have to worry or fret….I’d rather Dream Big and know that whether sunshine or rain comes our way, our Known God is with us!

Also, there’s the ever so popular and often hated ‘New Year’s Resolutions’…although I’ve never understood how anyone could dislike the good will of thousands of people to improve in areas of their lives. It’s a needed thing if you ask me!:) I have always loved New Year’s Resolutions. I love doing some soul searching & asking myself, “What will I work on this Year? What needs some tweaking in my life?” It’s a great way to get your thoughts organized & put your hand to the plow and accomplish new goals. I love it!:))

And so I wanted to share a few of mine. Nothing Fancy, just some down to earth, real-life housewife, DREAMING BIG, resolutions!:)

1. Be Healthier {of course that’s my secret code for lose weight, ha!}

2. Become a Better Cook

      My husband would LOVE this one, b/c I’ll admit it..although there are a couple things I can do well, cooking is NOT one of them! I mean I’m terrible! We have laughed at many dinners & opted to go out to eat instead! HA! So, this is a big one on my list.:))

3. Be More Organized.

      If any of you have had 3 toddlers and a newborn running around your house then you know that being organized is KEY to keeping your sanity;). And while those 3 toddlers are running around & your nursing the bebe every 2/3 hours all your organized rooms, drawers, and closets are now laying across your floors! {Can I get a North Dakota Uff Duh!} (( And can I add a side note??  If you are where I was a year 1/2 ago, with toddler & bebe then don’t stress it! Enjoy the little ones, and don’t beat yourself up about the laundry that is waiting for you!:) I’ve come to realize that my perfect magazine house is…well…in the magazine! I have all the time in the world to be nit picky when they’re old and grown, I want to enjoy them and I want them to enjoy being home.)) Now that my newborn is a year 1/2 and the other 3 have grown older & wiser things are much more manageable. They are great little helpers, but I really want to tweak my entire house to run like a well oiled machine, so we stay on top of things and keep the clutter away…which REALLY helps keep the messes away!

4. Do more for Others.

     We live in a selfish world, we really do. It’s so easy to get our eyes on our selves and not see the needs of those around me. I honestly believe the best thing you can get a new mom the first week of bebe’s life is…cook her a healthy warm meal & drop it off at 5:00!!;)) Nothing made me feel more special and loved than my sweet friends who brought meals the weak we got home from the hospital. What a blessing! I want to write more encouraging notes to people. Let people know I love them and I care about them. My husband & I both have a deep love for people…any people. Seems I’m always meeting people in the grocery store or mall…my dad says I must have a friendly face. I do hope so!

5. Win more souls to Christ.

     This one is so important. How many people did you lead to Christ last year?? My answer is, not enough. People need the Lord, and we get so busy and caught up in ourselves and our little families that it’s so easy to forget what the Christian life is all about. Pointing others the the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

There are many other things on my list, but these are just a few that I wanted to share. I hope all of you are excited to see what God is about to do in your life…in your church…in your community! To think of it makes me {Happy Happy Happy} !

Happy New Year


Heidi S.