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A Letter to That Woman

Mother’s Day is always a hard day for me. On one hand, I want to praise mothers and thank them for all they do. …but on the other hand, there is an overwhelming cloud over my writing, because I know and am friends with quite a few women who have very heavy loads they are carrying.

Last year, I wrote this letter and I wanted to share it with you this year. I pray that each of you have a BLESSED Mother’s Day!- Joy T. 

Dear precious lady,

I may know your name or I might not, but you are on my heart today. I know Mother’s Day is hard for you and so I wanted to take the time to acknowledge you and send you my love. If I could write you a card or draw a sweet picture for each of you, I would.

….for that sweet lady whose precious baby was taken to heaven before she got to meet her/him, Happy Mother’s Day! You are a mother and you always will be. Sadly, you don’t get to carry that bundle around, just the burden/pain. One day, you will meet that sweet baby. Oh, how precious that will be! Until then, I pray you have a blessed Mother’s Day.

….for that sweet lady who soooo desires to become pregnant: every month is filled with pain and a reminder that you are still not pregnant. I am so sorry! I pray that God will give you peace soon and that today will be a day filled with love and joy for you.

….for that sweet lady whose grown child/children have walked away from her life. Her children have disrespected her, ignored her, used her or abused her. Happy Mother’s Day! You are to be honored and cherished and my heart breaks for you. Keep on loving them with God’s love. You are a STAR in my book.

….for that sweet lady whose child has died. …you have held that baby. You began to rear that child and now “this”. It is so hard. … I am so sorry! I pray that the good memories will keep your day filled with joy. I celebrate you as a mom! Happy Mother’s Day!

….for that sweet lady who is overwhelmed with raising her children on her own due to the military, a broken heart, or whatever the circumstance–Happy Mother’s Day! I know if your children had money or the ability to go to the store, they would buy one of everything for you. Keep on, keeping on. You are doing an amazing job!

….for that sweet lady who is raising her grandchildren. Wow, this is the time you were supposed to begin relaxing…and now this. You don’t always get applauded because you’re not the birth mother; however, I celebrate you and ALL your hard work. Happy MOTHER’s Day! You are a blessing. That child could not do without you!

….for that sweet lady who adopted older children who don’t appreciate her. They might not say this, but I will, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! You are amazing and you inspire me to be a better mom to my kids. You love, even when you are cursed at. What an example to us all! God will bless you for this.

….for that sweet lady whose mother is not with her anymore. I know you would give anything to talk to her again. I’m so sorry! I hope that you can enjoy all the good memories you had with her. I hope you will be inspired to be a better mom and grandma because of her.

….for that sweet lady whose celebrating her Mother’s Day in the hospital, whether for herself or for her child, Happy Mother’s Day! Hang in there, mama! This too shall pass! I pray that your day will be full of rest and peace.

….for that sweet lady who is waiting for a husband and so desiring a family. I hope you have a blessed day. I would encourage you to “adopt” a mother whose hands are full. Adopt a child who seems unloved by his/her family. You can still “mother”. We need your help!

….for that sweet lady whose battle I may have not mentioned; I pray that your journey will grow you. I pray that you will be blessed. I pray that you will know the peace of God which passes all understanding.

To “THAT WOMAN”: I celebrate you!!!! Have a joyful-in-the-Lord, peace-filled day!

– Rejoicing

Ps. Come visit us at, to hear some of the real-life stories of “these woman.” 

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What Are You Doing With Your Seeds?

Recently, during our STEPPING UP Bible study, Beth Moore told us a very sad story.  While she was in Angola doing relief work, she saw too many little boys and girls so bloated that she wondered how their little legs held them up.  The effects of starvation were sickening, but she was told an even sicker fact.  The dear people had been given seed to plant a harvest but instead of harvesting that seed they had eaten it because they were so hungry.  Which of course led to having even less food.

This story presents a stark comparison to Christianity.  We have so much seed at our fingertips. We have the Word of God in our hands. We can listen on our I pods to speaker after speaker sharing from the Word.  We have more Bibles and books and material than we can read in a lifetime.

…and we read it.  We go to church and hear.  We listen.  We cry.  We feel “moved” …but what do we do with that seed?

Many times we eat it.  We don’t plant it or try to harvest it.

Let’s just be real.

We are taught to forgive (Matthew 6:15), but do you know how hard it is to forgive?

“I have feelings too and that person never asked me to forgive them.”

We cry that our marriages are falling apart but yet ignore the Bible when it tells us in I Corinthians 7:4-5 to not “defraud” our husbands.

I am tired, I have a headache, it’s not the right time…

The Bible commands us to love God and love others (Mark 12:28-31) and that sounds GREAT.

except when it comes to my unreasonable boss or THAT teacher or our loud neighbors… 


Dear friend, we simply are not harvesting the seed that has been given us.

Do you want to have REAL joy?

…Want real peace in life?

…Want to be a successful wife, mother and friend?

Harvest it!  .

What does God say to do about that neighbor?

What does God say to do for my husband?

What does God say about “white lies”?

What does God say about your finances?

What does God say about raising children?

HARVEST GOD’S TRUTHS. In other words. Let’s DO what God tells us to DO. Let’s not just sit there, listen, nod our head. Let’s carry out what God has commanded us to DO. 


Joy T.


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We Need Each Other

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go to a mom’s group. I thought at the time that I was going to a Bible study but it turned out to be a mom’s group. 

At this group we listened to a little devotional, a yummy recipe was handed out and talked about, and then the ladies discussed questions about motherhood.  These questions were turned in ahead of time; the moderator brought them up and let the room give suggestions and opinions.  The questions could be anything from potty training to handling in-laws to pregnancy to breastfeeding.  It was really neat to hear the different perspectives. 

Leaving there, I was inspired by the thought that woman need each other. 
How much can we learn, how much more success can we achieve by listening to the wisdom and experience of other women who have gone before. 

There was a young woman who was expecting who had a lot of questions. The other moms and I were able to give her insight about how our pregnancy and birthing experiences went. 

Titus 2 says “The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.”

In Titus, it speaks of the older woman teaching the younger woman.  I’m not ancient, but I do have experience.  My experience can help someone else.  It is important for me to mentor other “younger” women.  It is important for you to reach out to other less-experienced women to teach them.

It is also important me to sit at the feet of other older, more experienced woman and get wisdom for the path that I am traveling. 

We need each other. We all have different life circumstances and challenges.  We all can learn from each other.  God has given each of us different experiences so that we can help each other.  We need each other. 

Don’t hog your experiences!  Share them.  Help someone else.  You never know how your story might just be what another mom needs.  I need you! You need me!

– Rejoicing,

Joy T