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Letters, Lists and Love Notes

roses Ps.28.7

Some of us ladies have the “list maker” built into us… groceries, ideas, various notes to remember, things to do, schedules, event reminders, etc. Hopefully, your lists do not hide from you when you need them as mine sometimes do. =) 

Fact: If I want to remember something, I must write it down. If I am to remember where I write it down, it must be in sight or in a place I always frequent. Why? I want to remember.

Some of us have the “pack rat” gene that savors every sentiment… coloring pages or sermon notes drawn by the hands of my children, gifts people have blessed me with, special church bulletins, mementos of places we’ve been, photos of captured memories, notes and cards from people who took the time to write us, etc.

Fact: The papers I keep are not important – the people behind the papers are. If I lose the papers, I will be sad because I know I will forget some things, but the relationship with the people who penned the papers is the real treasure.Why? I value relationship.

When we get love notes from our husbands, meaningful cards from our children, or timely words from a friend, we tend to reread them over and over – the blessing doesn’t stop with one reading. We may even tuck it in our Bibles where we see it often or maybe set it in a visible place for a time. Why? To remember.

What a sweet thought to know God has written us a Book of love notes, letters and lists – that will never be lost or consumed – His Words to us last forever.

We can live fruitful lives as women if we meditate on His Words day and night. “But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth the fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.”-Psalm 1:2-3

How can we meditate day and night on God’s Words to us? We can read them – systematically is helpful. We can tuck them in our hearts where they will stay. We can write them – index cards, ♥post-it notes♥, notebook paper, etc… We can journal His voice to us. We can pray God’s Words, speak them, and sing them. We can strategically place them where we will see them frequently. We can simply print them. We can create beautiful displays of them in our homes.

I do not want the letters, lists and love notes from God to be “out of sight – out of mind.” When I display or write God’s Word, it helps me to remember His Words. Remembering Scripture helps me to live in the power of the Holy Spirit which is the only way to live fruitfully.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.” -Galatians 5:22-23

We can give God’s Words. We can speak the Gospel Truth which gives Life through the blood of Jesus Christ. We can teach His Truth to help others grow in their walk with God.

The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.” -Proverbs 11:30

How much of God’s Letters, Lists and Love Notes will the people we have relationships with remember because of our fruit? Our husbands, our children, our family and friends? Let’s resolve to grow as a fruitful tree in our walk with God and actively share His Word in the ways He leads us to do so. What are some ways I can improve in this area?

My List ”

~ Journal my quiet time with God more consistently.

~Write verses on index cards that I want to memorize.

~Stick post-it-notes of God’s promises inside cabinets, closets…

~Share verses in correspondence.

~Choose specific verses to pray for my husband and children.

~Place a decoratively designed verse in each room of the house.

~Give out Gospel literature.

~Write melodies to Scripture for easy memorization.

We would love to hear how you remember Scripture and how you help others remember God’s Letters, Lists and Love Notes.

Jeri Lynn

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The Couch-Bed


One recurring problem for me in raising my children is discipline. I do it, but it often feels too late, too frantic, and sometimes too harsh. I put off their bad behavior as long as I can “stand” it, then overreact. It’s never good. Please don’t tell me I’m the only one!

Then if my children disobey, or obey v.e.r.y slowly, it frustrates me to no end. {And it was really my fault to start with!}

Over, and over again, I realize that my children need me for more than to correct their fighting and bad attitudes. They need special time where Mommy is listening to them and is interested in their lives. They need to be treated like fellow human beings that have their own minds, their own desires, and their own fears. How do I feel if someone tells me I am wrong and never tells me I am right? Or even that they love me? I really don’t want to hear anything they have to say!

So, every little while, I try to make them feel special.

Last night, I actually had a moms’ night out with some other ladies, so I suggested to my husband that they get out the couch-bed and watch movies while I was away. It is one of my boys FAVORITE things ever! It is the grand treat for them! So, after they watched a few movies, they played “house”, and the underneath part of the couch was their bedrooms. It was adorable! And when I got home, I played with them in their “house.”


It means so much to our children to show that we care what is important to them! And it only takes a few minutes of our time.

Here’s to playing!

❤ Joy

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Listening to My Son’s Heart

Mediumphoto (2) 

One of the biggest challenges I face is to make sure I am not just going through the daily motions of being a mom (cooking, cleaning, ironing, shovelling messes), but more importantly nurturing and mothering the hearts of my boys. It is so easy for me to spend my day correcting, instructing, teaching, and prodding and not really taking the time actually “listen” to my child.

 The Lord has blessed us with two very precious boys (ages 7 and 3) and they are the delights of my life! They have very different personalities, but need the same amount of love and affirmation. I am learning that the older and more independent my children become, the more I need to affirm my love verbally. Jackson Riley, my oldest has become quite the writer and loves to write stories and also draw the illustrations. In my efforts to keep and organize many of his stories and drawings I came up with the idea for Jackson and I to journal to each other. I write in a journal to him and place it under his pillow at night and then he responds with a note, thoughts about his day, a drawing, or anything else he wants to write to me.

 This year for Valentine’s Day, I ordered a jounal online that has his picture on the front and I don’t think I have seen him more excited in quite a while! This will not only be something fun for us to do now, but I can’t wait to show them all to him when he is 18. 🙂


 I’m sure many of you are like me – your days are FULL of many good things….necessary things, but are the most important things at the top of our list?