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In the Lord’s Army

We recently finished studying the armor of God in school, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I don’t know about you, but I often feel like I’m in a battle, and the Bible tells us in Ephesians 6 to put on our armor!

Here is a simple outline of what we discussed and below are some pictures of the soldiers we made!

The Armor of God
* Strong belt of truth–Lies surround us on every side in this world. Satan is a deceiver. We have the truth! It’s found in God’s word! We must be intentional about wearing it. We can read it daily and hide it in our hearts.
* Breastplate of righteousness–This represents God’s approval. We are part of this holy army because of Christ’s righteousness. Our righteousness is as filthy rags. Only His work on the cross could redeem us.
* Feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace–Soldiers in God’s army must be ready to share the gospel! “Preparation” of heart, mind and body. We must decide to be ready to give an answer to every man of the hope that lies within us.
* Shield of faith–The Bible adds an important phrase before this shield. It says “above all taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench ALL the fiery darts of the wicked.” How important is this shield! I want God to grow my faith…big faith = big shield! We can have great faith because we have a great God!
* Helmet of salvation–This covers and protects our head and mind. So many battles are in the mind. We must remember that our salvation is settled!
* Sword of the Spirit–Which is the word of God. This is the only offensive weapon we have. Jesus Himself used God’s word to defeat Satan in the wilderness temptation. How much more should we? Reason, logic, facts and statistics are nothing compared to the quick, powerful, sharp Word of God!

I hope my children remember these lessons…not just that we cut out life-size drawings of themselves and decorated them, but that they are in a battle, and that God has given them the armor they need for protection!

We had the kids lay down on Christmas wrapping paper, wrong side up, and traced their entire bodies. We did a rough cut out and taped their soldiers to the wall. We added a piece of armor each day during Bible class, using tin foil and construction paper. It was lots of fun!





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On the road again

As the holidays approach, you may find yourself on a trip over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Many of us will be traveling hundreds of miles to celebrate with our loved ones. ¬†Our family spends LOTS of time in the van these days, so I thought I’d compile a little list of things that make road trips easier with little ones. ¬†I would love to hear your ideas and tips as well! ¬†Please comment below to share your favorite sanity savers for travel with kids!

  1. A clean slate РBefore you bring out the first suitcase, start by cleaning out those crumpled Sunday School papers, lost french fries, and empty water bottles.  Vacuum if you can.  Restock Kleenex, hand sanitizer, and other little necessities.
  2. Grocery sacks – Here’s a great way to use some of those annoying plastic grocery bags! ¬†Fold a few up and put them inside the glove box, or a seat back pocket. ¬†We have a small travel trash can with pockets on the side for extra bags. ¬†Whenever you stop for gas, round up all the trash and replace with a new liner. ¬†(Keep a few in your diaper bag for accidents and stinky diapers.)
  3. A book or two – Borrow an “I Spy” book from your local library. ¬†These keep mine busy for quite a while! ¬†Read a chapter book to them. ¬†We worked our way through Mr. Popper’s Penguins and now we’re in a C.S. Lewis book. ¬†Audiobooks are fun for when you’re behind the steering
  4. DVD’s – of course! ¬†While you’re at the library getting a book, pick up a few DVD’s to mix it up from your usual supply.
  5. A fun surprise РWe pick up Dollar Tree toys or candies to surprise the kids with before a long trip.  Save them for half way through to brighten moods.
  6. Food caddies – I don’t know what else to call them haha! ¬†I have found them at Target and Big Lots. ¬†They’re great for little hands that can’t balance an entire happy meal in their laps. ¬†The small sections hold a juice box perfectly. ¬†The other small side is for fries or apple slices, and the large section is just right for a tasty cheeseburger! ¬†Be sure you get plastic ones so you can toss them in the dishwasher.Image
  7. Grown-up entertainment – You got the kids books and dvd’s…don’t forget a little something fun for you as well! ¬†I love to listen to podcasts and music, so I can’t leave home without my earbuds. ¬†Splurge on your favorite candy bar or snack. ¬†Don’t forget one for your hubby, too! ¬†Grab a book you’ve been meaning to read or a sewing project that needs finished. ¬†Sit back and relax (as much as is possible lol).


Well, that wraps up my top list of travel must-have’s! ¬†It’s your turn to share now! ¬†Comment below and tell us what you do to keep everyone happy on the highway!

With love,


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In over your head


If you’re like me, you may have started a project or endeavor with the most optimistic outlook, but somewhere along the way, you realize you are in over your head. I remember trying to put together the baby crib after we had moved. I thought it seemed simple enough…a screw here, a bolt there. I had it under control…or so I thought. After a while, I found myself surrounded by pieces of a puzzle I could not solve. I had to call for reinforcements! My sweet husband came to the rescue. In no time, he had the crib completed! The thing that was overwhelming to me was actually quite simple for him!

I had felt very overwhelmed trying to do something that was above my skill level. When it came to my handyman skills, I was in over my head.

What about when your whole life feels like that? Your fairy tale dream isn’t anywhere near the reality you live in. You face daily obstacles that you can’t overcome. Your marriage isn’t a constant picture-perfect romance like you’ve read about in all those books. Maybe you are facing family struggles…wanting children, having children, having LOTS of children, missing children who are gone. Life is brutal at times. And sometimes, things just don’t come out on paper as we imagined them in our minds. We are often overwhelmed.

How many of us feel overwhelmed by life at times? I know I am in over my head when it comes to being the Christian, wife and mother God wants me to be. It’s not something I can succeed at alone. I never imagined I would be raising 4 children in a minivan as we traveled the country on deputation. I never thought about how painful it will be to take my kids away from their grandparents. I had no idea the strain my marriage would endure. I thought I could handle it all. I had it under control. Yet, the reality is, I’m in over my head!

But, I’m learning that is a GREAT place to be!

The Lord is humbling me…showing me the error of my ways. You see, He doesn’t expect me to have a grip on all these things that plagued my mind and disrupted my life. He never asked for perfection. He simply asked for faith…for without faith it is impossible to please Him.

I have to stop trying to be strong and perfect. I must quit my addiction with acceptance. I am redeemed. I am His blood bought daughter. He wants to care for me. He longs to prove Himself mighty if I will just run to His strong arms.

When we realize that we cannot make it through this life on our own, we will finally come to see the amazing power of our great God! He knows we face trials and troubles. He was human, tempted in all points like we are, yet without sin. He was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. He knows!

God is teaching me that it’s ok and maybe even wonderful to be overwhelmed…if I take it to Him. Just like I had to call out to my husband to put together the baby crib, I must cry out to God to put together the pieces of my life and guide my path in His perfect way. You see, being in over my head means admitting how much I desperately need His help, His guidance, His wisdom, His peace. And just like my husband was fully capable of handling something that had me baffled and overwhelmed, my God is able to carry me through the deep waters and keep my head above the waves, so long as I fix my gaze on Him!

So, dear friend, don’t despair in being in over your head. It’s exactly where you need to be!

By His grace,