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Table Manners

Good afternoon! I hope this day finds you feeling blessed and thanking God for all He has done for you!

Today I wanted to share a list of Table Manners that I ran across the other day while reading this book entitled, “Lists to Live By”. I don’t know about you, but sometimes we’ll go out to eat at a nice restaurant or maybe we’ll go to someone’s home for dinner and the chaos and lack of manners that I witness at the tables are crazy and uncalled for. Granted, when you have small children (I’d say about three and under), it’s understandable that there will be some chaos! 🙂 Maybe more than some depending on the orneriness of your child…a..k.a my son! 🙂

It seems that people of this day and age, children and adults alike, just do not know proper table manners.


While reading over this list, some things popped out that I could be implementing more to my children. All of them were good reminders for me as well. I love to see well-behaved children. To me, 9 times out of 10, it is a reflection of the diligence of the parent to train their children and it is an encouragement to me to do more. On the other hand, I really do not like to see children that have no idea what a table manner is. I get it, they are not my children. But I honestly look at them and feel sorry for them. Their parents are really not doing them justice by not instructing them about right and wrong at the table. It just makes such a difference, when you and your family are invited out by someone or over to their house and your children know how to act at the dinner table. I want to help we, as parents, to avoid that embarrassment of when our children act out of hand and I also want to remind us as parents to implement these manners into our lives as well, if we haven’t already, so our children will imitate what they see. I want my children to be well-pleasing, well-mannered and welcomed back again without hesitation.

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He is Yours


Psalm 139:17 ~ “How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them!”

Good morning, ladies!

Have there ever been some days where you feel like you just don’t understand your husband? 🙂 (Maybe it’s more than some! 🙂 )

You wonder, “What is he thinking?” or maybe it’s “How does he really feel about me?” or maybe you wonder, “What do ‘Uh-huh’ and ‘Fine’ really mean?” Because you love your husband so much, I am sure that you wish you could see deep inside his heart and mind.

Let’s today remember and think about the fact that God knows him completely. God loves him more than we ever will. God’s thoughts are always about him.

How precious to us wives are God’s thoughts!

We should thank God that we don’t have to search our husbands out completely, because God has already explored every corner of his being, his thoughts, and his actions.

He is lovingly at work, bringing him to a fuller spiritual understanding every day.

We can be thankful that we don’t have to pry the words out of our husband or get frustrated when he doesn’t seem to want to talk. God knows every thought before it comes our of his mouth – even if it never does! (Psalm 139:4) 🙂

God’s Spirit and His Word are invading and redeeming his innermost thoughts and desires every day, quite apart from our misguided attempts.

When we remember that there’s nowhere in the world that either my husband or I can go to escape God’s presence, it’s easier to accept the limitations of our own love as wives.

To simply let go.

Today I want to encourage all of us wives to meditate on God’s thoughts toward our husbands.

Thank the Lord for His amazing love for him and for His intentions for his life…. and for ours!


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Fun: You’ve Got to Have a Good Time!

family fun

Today is February 28. Six years ago, I gave birth to my first and my most precious little girl. I can’t believe that it has been that long. More and more as the days go by, I realize that these long days turn into years gone by – very quickly!   I want  to take in every moment to enjoy my daughter being young.

I tell myself all the time, “Jennifer, stop what you are doing and play with your daughter.” I have regretted in times past that she has asked me to play something with her and Mommy has been “too busy”.   I want to make that change today!  I don’t ever want to be too busy!  Their hearts are too precious to turn away.  It’s the little things we do as moms, that may not seem like a lot to us  but in reality,  mean the world to our children.

As my daughter turns six today, I realize that I have already missed so many moments to have fun and be spontaneous and I don’t want to have any more regrets. Those dishes can wait, the laundry can wait and picking up toys that will eventually be pulled right back out, can wait too!

Children love to have fun. Their little hearts are so sweet, tender and innocent and just love to always have fun.

Did you know that the average four-year old laughs four hundred times a day?! They find humor in the simplest things.

Oh, to find such joy in the simple things of life! We can learn so much from our children–if we will just pay attention to the lessons before us.

Too many of us have forgotten how to have fun! I certainly don’t want to look back when my children are grown and say,

“I wish I had loosened up. I wish I’d had more fun.” I want to do that now, while I can make the change and make a difference in my children’s lives.


Opportunities for fun happen on a regular basis–as mothers we choose to either maximize the moments or minimize the fun.  


I really want to try harder in maximizing the fun and to stop worrying about a schedule or cleaning up messes after the fun! I truly want my children to have sweet memories about the fun, special times we created at the impromptu moments!

So, as I celebrate the six years I have had with my daughter, I look back and see where I can improve in these areas and by God’s help,

I want to create happier memories and just have a good time!

Our children are only little once! So, go ahead!!! Be a fun mom!  You’ll never regret it!