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Moira Kenmore

The other day, we were actually participating in a Literature Blitz for our church. You know the kind, where you walk from house-to-house, hanging a plastic bag full of literature on the door (never the mailbox). 🙂 At one house, there was a nice black dishwasher sitting in the driveway that had a sign on it. It said, “Free. Works.” So I convinced my husband to go talk to them about it. Turns out the man had just picked it up from somewhere and unloaded it. My heart sank.

But then he told Jamin that he actually had a brand new one already and had just picked this up because surely someone would need it. He also told us that he attends another Baptist church in town. He told us to please take it if we need it. Yay!!

So Jamin got it after we had finished the Literature Blitz. He gave the man $20 for his kindness. A few days later we hooked it up for a test. Then after it passed, he tore into the cabinets and got it completely installed.

My less-cluttered kitchen with my friend Moira Kenmore. 🙂

My friend Moira has made my life so much easier! She helps me constantly, never says a critical word, and hums soft songs. 🙂 She makes clean-up faster, my kitchen cleaner, and my life happier!

I am so happy for this gift that the Lord sent my way.

Lately we have been changing some things in our home. Working hard on being better stewards of all God has given us. We haven’t done perfectly, but I feel like this was a sweet reward from Heaven saying, “You’re on the right track. I can see.” Or maybe it was just a blessing from God to save my sanity so I can be a better Mommy!

No matter why Moira came my way, I am thankful!

❤ Joy