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feeling “fall-ish”

With brisk mornings making their debut in our neck of the woods last week, my stay-at-home-heart turned towards soups, fire in the fireplace, hot chocolate, sweaters, snuggling… and s’mores.

I am not a huge fan of marshmallows. I enjoy them in my hot cocoa. I think I may pick up a bag of the mint chocolate ones I’ve seen in the grocery store. But will I just sit down and eat them? probably not.tascha

But I do enjoy s’mores! I suppose it’s the chocolate. {sheepish grin} So when my sweet tooth kicked in the other day…. and I don’t bake a lot -something about measuring? I’m getting better though! …I thought about this bag of mini marshmallows my kids talked me in to buying a while back- I don’t remember when.

And I remembered that I had some graham crackers in the pantry… and some chocolate chips in the freezer {both much more recent purchases}. And a “baked s’mores” was born. [Let me say that I know this is not terribly original. And has maybe even been blogged about, but this was purely of my own imagination.]

So let the recipe… or more like the assembly… begin!

tascha1. line an 8 inch square pan with tin foil {cuz who likes scrubbing melted marshmallow off their pan? not me!}

2. break 5-6 graham crackers into the bottom. big, small, whatever. {Next time though, I think I’ll go with smaller pieces}tascha3. sprinkle {or plop the gooey stuck together ones} about 2 cups of mini marshmallows over the crackers.

4. sprinkle same amount of chocolate chips over that.

5. cover tightly with foil.

6. set in a warm oven {I had just turned mine off from cooking fries} or at 300* for 20-30 minutes… or until you peak at it and the chocolate is melty.

7. crumble 2-3 more crackers on top and drizzle with chocolate syrup of your choice.


Allow to cool enough to touch! and serve to the kidlets…. and the hubby….

and don’t forget the milk.

or hot chocolate {if you’re brave}.

{update: after refrigeration, these can be cut and eaten while hardened…. and they may… or may not…. remind you of a candy bar :)!}



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Cute as an Acorn

Well it’s my first time posting here and I thought I’d share a fun ‘Fall’ idea. I love summertime with warm summer nights, hot days, cookouts, and lots of yard ‘junk’ saling.:)) But there is just something about the fall that makes me extra happy.

Maybe it’s the beautiful leaves changing, or the smell of camp fires and hayrides. Oh, and especially a chilly night where you throw on your old sweatshirt (you’ve had since college) and cuddle with your honey. I can’t pick a favorite cuz I

SO…bring on the decoratin’…bakin’…. & these super cute fall acorn treats!! I recently made these for my baby Greyson’s 1st owl/woodland Birthday party and they were a big hit & really good!

Acorn Treats~What u need:
~bag of Hershey kisses
~bag of mini nutter butters
~a few chocolate chips

How To:
I use a small frying pan, turn heat on med. low, and throw a few chocolate chips in to melt. (They will be your “glue”) Then separate your nutter butter, dip your hershey kiss in the melted chocolate and press onto your open nutter butter. Dip a chocolate chip in the melted chocolate and press on the top to make the “stem” of your acorn.

I hope u enjoy! They are so easy & cute as a button….I mean, acorn.:)