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Fall Favorites!

With fall in the air, it brings such a fun feeling. I look forward to the days being cooler, the air crisper. I look forward to seeing pumpkins and scarecrows everywhere. I love to burn yummy candles. I know I’m jumping the gun a little, but I LOVE fall!

With our first year of home school just starting up, and the days starting to get cooler, I get in the mood to cook! I love stews and soups. I have a “to-die-for” muffin recipe, and I love to use the crock pot. So at this season change, I decided to share a few of my favorite, proven recipes today!

Orange-Apricot Pork Chops

These are delicious! They’re made in the crock pot and served over rice or egg noodles. They are NOT a waste of your time!

Frito Pie

I LOVE this! It is one of my all-time favorites, and the best chili I have personally ever made. It’s so easy, especially for Sunday dinner.

Cream Cheese Carrot Muffins

Oh my! These are to die for! They taste like pumpkins and fall spices. They are SO good, and have become a  Boyer Christmas Brunch staple.

Salsa Chicken

I love this! It’s super easy and makes a great taco filling.

I hope you will try a couple of these. They are all simple and yummy!  If you decide to try, let me know.

And Happy Fall, Y’all! (Early!)

❤ Joy

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Pepperoni Alfredo

pepperoni alfredo 1-MJC

Some days… most days…at this stage of my life… I must admit that… cooking is a chore. Please, know that this is not a reflection on my sweet mother who has always prepared delicious, homemade, well-rounded meals for the family to this very day! She has that natural gourmet touch mingled with thriftiness at its best. Even when she didn’t have much to spend on groceries, we never knew. We knew whatever she came up with would taste good! My mother would have a snack ready for us when we arrived home from school each day. My best snack memory is homemade chocolate chip cookies. I assumed my life would be nearly the same, but I found that the LORD had a little different recipe for my life. Homeschooling several children would take a little zip out of my gourmet cooking desires. They still come around, but less than more. Special occasions, Sunday lunch, and any night that our whole crew will be home for supper is a qualifying reason for me to spend the extra time in the kitchen preparing the works. With my older ones in college or working, the days that we are ALL sitting at the table together are fewer and more valued. Given this introductory information, I would like to share a budget-friendly, easy and quick main dish ~ Pepperoni Alfredo ~ for those days of low funds, low energy or little time. {This is not at the top of the healthy charts; be sure to serve salad and/or vegetables with it! Add garlic bread, and you’re getting closer to gourmet!} 🙂

Mix together: boiled and drained egg noodles, a jar of Alfredo sauce, pepperoni slices cut up, salt & pepper to taste.

Enjoy taking your children to the park on one of these almost spring afternoons & come home refreshed to cook a stress-free supper! ♥ Jeri Lynn