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Giveaway Winner!

I was going to upload a video of the winner. Due to technical complications, I cannot. Sigh.

I have uploaded the video to facebook and I’m hoping the winner will see her name there first. Thank you all for entering. I enjoyed reading about your sweet Christmas memories!

So without further ado… drumroll please….

The winner is Patty Johnson! Patty, I am so glad you won. I will be contacting you for your mailing address.

Merry Christmas!

❤ Joy


Christmas Memories… and a Giveaway!

Okay, at the end of this post, you can comment to enter to win our amazing giveaway prizes! If you want to know what the prizes are, click here.

Christmas is quickly approaching! I can’t believe how fast!

It’s the time for parties, baking, buying, wrapping, Christmas movies and so many fun times!

I want to share one amazing Christmas memory with you today, then I’d love to hear yours!

Several years ago, probably only our 3rd married Christmas, my husband and I were extremely tight in our budget! (Actually, there was no budget) We were away in full-time ministry, and were only weeks from traveling 13 hours to see our families. We found out that money was just not going to be there for us to travel. Through a misunderstanding we had thought our salary would continue the entire time we were gone, but then found out it wouldn’t. And there were no bonuses that year, due to a tight budget in the church. We didn’t have enough money. It wasn’t even close. Since we had not made the naive decision to own a credit card, there was no way we could go home.

No. Way.

But (what a marvelous little word), a sweet old lady in our church called to ask Jamin if he would cut down some trees. He did so gladly. It was hard work and took an entire day. They weren’t large trees, but they were near her house and it was tricky to get them down in a safe place. adamsportf3treessnow

Jamin finished the work and as we got in his pickup to leave, she pressed a check into his hand. It was way more than enough. More than if our salary had continued and we had gotten a bonus. Times two! Or three!

God is so good! Let us reflect His goodness, and celebrate His birth!

Now, here is how you enter for the giveaway! I want you to share one of your favorite Christmas memories with me. It can be as simple as your funniest gift or craziest tradition. Or it can be a Christmas miracle! Just share in the comments, and you will be automatically entered! (You may only enter once!) If our blog doesn’t recognize your id, make sure you at least put your first name and last initial. At midnight on Friday, it will be too late. So enter now, and share with your friends!

Your entry has to be here on the blog, not on another post, not on facebook. On this blog post.

Saturday afternoon, I will post a video of pulling your name out of the bowl! Ready, set, go!

❤ JoyChristmas


Almost Giveaway Time!

Tomorrow starts the giveaway! I know, I know…. why not today? Good things come to those who wait.  I promise.

But I know what you’re really wanting to know is: What are the goodies?

I’m glad you asked! Here they are:DSCN4138

  • The ABCs of Life  ~Lessons for Women From a Life in Ministry by Gerri Johnson

Through her years in God’s service, Gerri has taught many women, and she has been an example of godliness to everyone she meets. It can truly be said of Gerri Johnson: “Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.” (Proverbs 31:28)

  • Reflections From a Mother’s Heart ~ Your Life Story in Your Own Words

A beautiful journal to record your own life’s story, so that you may pass it down to your children

  • A beautiful handmade scarf (made by one of our author’s daughters – it’s so pretty!)
  • A $20 Amazon Gift Card
  • “Joy in the Morning” CD by the Reunion Trio

The latest CD from the Reunion Trio, “Joy Comes In the Morning” is full of songs that have spoken to their hearts. We hope it will be a blessing to yours!

“We are very thankful for the goodness of God in the lives of our family.” Alicia Reagan and her children sing their gratitude in this CD, “Joy In Serving Jesus.”

The winner will receive a $15 coupon from This can be redeemed for any products available on our website. We offer original printed sheet music and books, CD’s and piano accompaniment tracks. All of these products are also available as digital downloads. one design from These are downloaded files for self or professional printing and include baby announcements, Christmas cards, and most anything in-between! –designing31 is a company in the infant stage of development. These designs and others will be available for purchase beginning the Summer of 2013.

The winner takes ALL! I know! Amazing. I will personally mail these great gifts to your door.

And there you have it! Who wants to win? I actually do, but that’s beside the point. Stay tuned ’til tomorrow, and I’ll tell you how!


❤ Joy