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wearing Daddy’s shoes

wearing daddys shoesWith Father’s Day just behind us, I was looking through some photos and found the one above….

My little man just turned 2 {on our 10th anniversary!}.

And he LOVES his Daddy!!!

And his Daddy IS pretty awesome. {yes, I am biased…. :)}

And some day… my little man will be a LOT like his Daddy.

Now, this could become a post TO Dads. But in my observations of families around me, I have found that the Moms have this crazy influence over what children think of their Dads.

So, I just want to say a word of encouragement to all Moms, everywhere….

PRAISE your husbands!!

…to your boys!

Let your boy know when something Daddy did was “so sweet” or “kind” or “good.”

And to your little girls too!

You want your little girl to know the right kind of man when she meets him someday!

And sometimes we should even do  this when our husbands can hear us! 🙂

There will always be something out there in other people, our husbands included, that could annoy us…. {I read this blog post that basically just hits that nail on the head}.

But if we are always focusing on being annoyed, we are teaching our children to also focus what annoys them.

And then we begin raising children who cannot find gratefulness. They LOOK for something wrong and have complaining attitudes.

If we want our boys to learn the GOOD things our husbands do, then we need to be the one to point it out to them!

If we want our girls to know what the good things are that they should look for in men, we need to tell them! And start with their Daddy.

[Does your husband go to work each day to provide for your family?]

Tell your children… “I am so thankful your Daddy loves us enough to work so we can buy food, have a car… “

[Does your husband play with the kids?]

Tell your children… “I love to see your Daddy play with you!”

[Does your husband ever keep the children while you go out… shopping or just to be alone?]

Tell your children… “Your Daddy is so nice to Mommy to let me have some quiet time sometimes.”

Someday, your little boy will already BE a lot like his Daddy; but as Mommy, you and I have a big say in WHAT traits of his Daddy stand out.

And someday, your little girl will look for character traits that resemble her Daddy in a man of her own .. and she will either look for the good you have pointed out… or not.

So, let’s find something about our husbands to PRAISE today–and tomorrow–and see if it doesn’t change the atmosphere in our homes… and the attitudes of our children.

Blessings… {Tascha}

[just a note: I realize there are some seriously dysfunctional families out there. If this is your situation, I pray you find the help you need-which can only come from Jesus working in lives! This post is not meant to belittle the problems you face!]