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Swift to hear, slow to speak

Do you ever have one of those days where you are super busy and trying to be productive around the house…but when you get to the end of the day, you realize that you actually miss your kids?

If you’re like me, you may have spent all day in the same house as them, but your interactions were limited and shallow because you were so “busy.”

I’ve been reading Little Women.  Somehow, I missed out on that classic earlier in life.  I just LOVE the relationship that Mrs. March has with her daughters.  I love that she has a true friendship with them.  I love that they sit together sewing, knitting, mending every night and talk.  Most times, it’s just chatter about their days, and Marmee (as the girls call her) is quiet and listens.  But every now and then, a teaching moment pops up and she imparts wisdom and grace to her daughters as they sit around the fire with busy hands.  

I thought about how precious those moments must have been for the mother.  And I thought about how I hope that my children can come to me and share little tidbits about their days and little glimpses into their hearts.  

My children are still young, but I hope that they already know that I care about what they have to say.  I hope that I don’t domineer them by always talking, always teaching, always commanding.  I hope that I can foster an environment in our home that they can talk to me and their dad about what’s bothering them…even if it is something small right now like how their little brother chewed on their favorite action figurine.  🙂

This reminds me of the Scripture that reminds us to be swift to hear and slow to speak.  

Now, I highly doubt that my family will sit around sewing, knitting and mending at night while we share our daily highlights.  But, we can take little moments throughout the day to listen to our children.  We can enjoy hearing about life from their pint-sized perspectives while we prepare a meal, before bed, or just snuggling together on the couch.  

The time and place are irrelevant.  I just want to make sure I listen to them a little more every day.  Before long, their problems will be much bigger than broken toys…they may have broken hearts.  ea6140a2b0ce137ac3717aed918a407c

I’m not familiar with this author or her website, but I just LOVED this quote I found on Pinterest.  

Let’s listen to our children today!


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“You’re Not Being Nice!”

Occasionally when my Jackson (5) gets upset with me, he will say, with furrowed eyebrows, “Mommy, you’re not being NICE!” Well, that swiftly piles extra punishment on him!


One day after he said that, I thought, Am I being nice?

Of course, he was mad because he had not been allowed to do something, or had something taken away, or had simply been told to be quiet. I don’t remember the offense, but I felt very convicted as I realized that the way I handled him really wasn’t nice.

That led me to a verse I consistently use with others, but I seem to forget that they apply with my children as well!

“Be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another” (Ephesians 4:32).

I try to practice kindness to everyone around me. My fellow church members, piano students, friends. But I so often overlook my own family.

The word kind here means “mild or pleasant”. Is my manner with my children mild and pleasant? Sometimes it is, but I often forget that they are little people. And all people have feelings. I can be rude, or brush them off. But I am to be pleasant with them.

If my children could put it into words, would they say I am pleasant? I fear they would not. Ouch!

But who better to receive my kindness than my very own household? My own precious little ones should receive far more kindness than the cashier at Walmart. But I get comfortable and forget.

And let’s not forget our husbands. Who receives more kindness? Strangers, or our hubbies? Double ouch!

That one gets me!

I am so grouchy and grumpy with my husband sometimes! But I want to practice kindness on him! He deserves it more than the librarian!


There are many other Scriptures that give basic commands. We need to apply them in our family life. Verses about preferring one another, speaking kindness, practicing charity.

I don’t know about you, precious mommy, but when I’m up to my eyeballs in laundry, dishes, and meals, it’s easy to overlook my little people as what they are: people. They have feelings and their lives are being shaped and molded every day.

Let’s practice kindness on the most important people today: our families!

❤ Joy

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Smiles…Giggles…and Hugs!

A few years ago, my now grown children were part of a homeschool group, and one of our most memorable field trips, at least for me, was to see the Smokey Mountain Passion Play.

It was truly a great blessing seeing the life of Jesus portrayed.

But one of the things that SO blessed me…and caused me to think was how Jesus was portrayed  walking into the town with His disciples….and the children!

Some may think of Jesus just being straight-faced…..maybe not smiling, as He went about His Father’s business….but in this play, as he saw the children, they ran up to Him, sat in His lap.  He then played with them, swinging them around, laughed with them, had fun with them.

I don’t know for sure if this was how it really was, but I like to believe so. He loved them SO much!

We should always be ready to give someone a smile, especially our children and grandchildren! They need our love….our hugs….we need to laugh and play together!

And not only they, but what about the cashier having a bad day? Or maybe someone in our church family going through a rough time.

Granted, it’s not easy amid our own trials, and burdens, and disappointments sometimes,  but that’s where our faith in Him and His precious Word comes in.

So,  may we show our loved ones, and a lost world, that “I’d rather be an ole time Christian, than anything I know”!

Proverbs 17:22 says….A merry heart doeth good like a medicine…