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What is in your Christian Suitcase?


Packing before a trip can be very stressful.  When we were missionaries, I remember the days of ten seventy pound suitcases and several bulging carry-ons for our five member family. Oh, the sorting and crunching of things to make it all work. Of course, there were decisions of how much things weigh and which clothes for opposite seasons. What toys to take on the long plane ride for our children? Does everyone have an extra change of clothes? The questions and answers were so many. It took careful planning and thoughtfulness in packing our many suitcases!

In many ways packing our suitcases can be like out daily lives. We rush around doing so many things even really good things.  But, many times we forget to pack our Christian character as we live each day. Do the people we meet on a daily basis see Jesus shining in our lives? It goes way beyond just being polite and smiling. Unsaved people do that very well. It is a genuine gracious caring that is often lacking. It takes time to be open and sensitive to the needs of those around us and especially to those that need so much to know the love of our Savior. But, I am convinced that while Jesus was on earth, He took time with all people who were in His life on any given day. Hopefully, when others see us today and tomorrow they will see mercy, love, compassion, and joy. I so much want others to see that in my life.

What have you packed in your Christian suitcase today?