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I know I must be the world’s worst worrier. My husband has told me more than once that I DREAM up things to worry about. I AM learning…learning to trust God in situations instead of worrying about them…because, I must remember, that He already knows about it, and already knows the outcome. I just must lean on His understanding. And MOST of the time, maybe ALL the time, the things I worry about never happen!

That being said, I just wanted to share one of, I’m sure many fears I had as a homeschooling mom. I was afraid that our kids would totally resent being homeschooled…not attending the school all their cousins were attending…playing sports, going to proms…even having friends.

Aaaaand my fear was totally unfounded! They, all 3, have told me and their dad, more than once,  that they are SO thankful to have never went to public school even 1 day! And with that, I feared they would never want to DO THAT TO THEIR KIDS, but my grandchildren ARE being homeschooled! What a blessing!

You see, I think…especially in the hearts of us more emotional moms, some of the things our kids think they’re missing….at the moment making them unhappy, can really tug at the heart of a mom. I’m so thankful for a steadfast husband!

The old devil can certainly know what emotional buttons to push on us ladies! Just be sure and lean on the Lord…stay with Him…and with the conviction He has laid on your heart. Don’t ever give in. I promise your children WILL be thankful!

And now, I want to leave some very special Words. One of my favorite Psalms is the 37th. In it, there are some things God has told us…COMMANDED if you will:

Fret not






Aren’t they wonderful! HE is wonderful!

by, Peggy Snow