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The 3 Most Powerful Words In Our Lives



It is always my date to blog here on the 12th. This particular day, March 12, 2014 marks a day for me that I will never forget. It is the 5th anniversary of me becoming paralyzed. My life changed forever that day.

Over these past 5 years, I have learned more than ever that I have spoken three particular words more times than I can even dare to count. My hubby was preaching a sermon Sunday morning, and there were those words!! I highlighted, underlined and wrote all around this passage in my Bible. I couldn’t believe it!! There were my words!!

The passage is in Mt. 15. The story is of the Syrophenician woman whose daughter was vexed with a devil. She came to Jesus to receive help for her daughter and the disciples wanted her to go away because she was not a Jew and felt she was annoying Jesus. She said these words to Jesus, “Lord, help me.”

“Lord, help me.” How many times have I asked God to help me?! Ladies, I have a confession. I just can’t do it. I can’t be the right kind of wife. I am too opinionated and have a smart mouth. I don’t like to obey and I really don’t like to submit. I think I know more than my husband in many areas (I don’t, but I just think I do) and I am quick to tell him what I think. Oh Lord, please help me!

I can’t be the right kind of mom. I don’t like my kids to cross me. I like to be obeyed without question. I don’t have the patience I need to understand their precious hearts. I don’t like it when they disagree with me or question my decisions. I especially don’t like it when they point out my shortcomings and hypocrisy! Oh Lord, please help me!

I can’t be the perfect pastors wife. I don’t have all the right answers and the answers that I think I do have are not always right. I am just a regular gal trying to be an example but I am a lousy example sometimes to my congregation. At times, I am probably the Pastor’s greatest discourager! Oh Lord, help me!

I can’t do this disability. It gets so very old. 5 years….can I do another 40? That thought overwhelms me at times. Another morning staring at that chair, another routine of the struggles and aggravations each day can bring, another smiting in my heart that I am murmuring and complaining…Oh Lord, help me!

We read on and see that Jesus did help her and he told her that she had great faith! The Bible records Jesus telling only one other person that they had great faith and that was the centurion whose daughter was dying. Great faith! That is what I long for!

How did this lady get to a place where Jesus proclaimed that she had great faith? It started with three simple words: “Lord, help me.”


Author: Alicia Reagan

In March of 2009, while expecting my 6th baby, I contracted Transverse Myelitis - a rare illness that left me paralyzed from my ribs down. It has changed my life in many horrible and wonderful ways. I love to talk about it all. The good, the bad and the ugly. It is always raw and real around here as I share my work in advocacy and accessibility, my heart for the spiritual lessons learned, my music that speaks my soul, and my love for my home and family. Welcome.

3 thoughts on “The 3 Most Powerful Words In Our Lives

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  2. Dear Alicia, you are one of the best women that I have ever met. You show strength, pacience, (oops) compassion and a great love for the Lord. I have only know you for a short time but I have already scenced (oops again) that you are a loving and strong woman. God has bless you in ways the rest of us can only imagine. You have raised some of the most well mannered children I have ever met. You show a compassion for other people and a love for your husband and his work. So don’t ever think you are not blessed in every way that God has blessed anyone to date. I have grown to love you and your family more than I thought was possible in such a short time. And I believe that it just gets better from here. Love Doc

  3. Alicia you are an inspiration. I know you as everyone else has those low days, low times, but what I see is God’s love. I look forward to the times we run into each other!

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