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My Favorite Job

As a child, when I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew-up, I would usually say “I want to be a mommy.”  Or a “cash register”–meaning I wanted to be a cashier.   🙂

For as long as I can remember, I just wanted to have my own family and my own babies and to take care of them. That desire was always there….but it got repressed.

When I was in high school, I got a piece of mail that advertised adoption.  The letter informed me that “age wasn’t a problem”.  (Of course, they meant that you could adopt even if you were older).   I took it to mean that I could adopt while I was in high school.   Ask my mom–I had it all worked out.  I was going to adopt a baby (while I was in high school).

I was soooooo upset at her that she wouldn’t even consider it.

Yes, I was that child.  I loved kids, especially babies.

I was so happy when my first nephew arrived.  I couldn’t wait until I had my own.

However, I also realized that children came with a husband and, after a few rocky relationships, I decided I would just be family-less.  Thus, that desire got pushed down farther and farther.

Those growing-up years were really full.  I volunteered at the library, was a Candy Stripper at the local hospital and worked as a shampoo girl at a hair salon.  I played violin in a county orchestra.  I had TONS OF FRIENDS, lots of parties.   I went to college, working as a telemarketer (don’t hold that against me) and as a secretary for that college.  I went to Europe three times and spent one summer in Africa.  I coordinated a ministry team that traveled around the States.  I counseled teenagers at a Christian camp four different summers and then, after graduation, became a school teacher.  Really, I had a FULL life.

During that whole time, my parents prayed for me.  They prayed that I would find a friend whom I could love as my future husband.  They prayed for that family I had shut out of my mind and heart.

To cut the story short, my husband and I met, were friends for three years before we knew we were mIMG_3257eant for each other, got married, had baby #1 two years later and then, another two years later, had baby #2.

That was a lot of introduction to say this:  In all my years, in all my jobs, in all the craziness of my life, I have NEVER had such an amazing job.  I LOVE being a mommy.  THIS is my favorite job.

I love that God gave me my two favorite kids to be MY KIDS.

I love the funny conversations my son and I have.

I love the giggles and kisses I get from my daughter.

I love coloring with my son.

I love to tickle his belly.IMG_1440 - Copy

I love stomping in puddles with my boy when it rains.

I love making my daughter giggle.

I love the way my daughter chatters.

I love dressing my daughter up in bows and frills.

I love our walks.

I love the way our family hangs out together.

I love mommy-hood!IMG_3267

I’m sure it helps that I have an absolutely amazing husband who is also called “Daddy”

I don’t know where you are in life, but I want to encourage you to think about something.  God created most of us to be help-meets, to be wives and mothers.  There is no 2nd place or shame in that.  Don’t let the world tell you that.  We are our sons’ first love.  We are our daughters’ first best-friend. We have the best job out there. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Is it easy?  No.

Is it the hardest job I’ve ever had?  Yes, probably.

Is it sooo worth it? YES!

Let my husband handle the workplace, the drama and stress.  Give me the little fingers and toes.  Give me the giggles and hugs. We are creating the next generation. What a privilege!

Give me mommy-hood because the best bonuses come in X’s and O’s.


Joy T.


But who will take care of Mommy?!

I’m sure many of you spend your days wiping noses, cleaning up messes, correcting behaviors, and much more.  There’s the laundry, the meals, the cleaning, the organizing, the shopping…so much goes into caring for a family!

Surely, I’m not the only one who crashes into bed at the end of the day, exhausted from meeting everyone else’s needs.  The thought of someone else meeting mine (I’m thinking a foot rub and a bowl of ice cream) occasionally crosses my mind.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  My husband is excellent at caring for me.  In fact, just the other day, he brought home a giant box of my all time favorite indulgence….Fudge Rounds–the really big ones, too!!  🙂

But, as much as Jonathan loves me and does his best to care for me and meet my needs, he will never fill the deepest ravines in my heart.  That’s a role he’s not meant to fill.

I was created to be more than a wife and mommy, though I cherish these facets of my life deeply.

I was created to be a daughter of the King.  I was made to be guided and tended by the Good Shepherd.  Jesus called Himself the Good Shepherd.  Have you ever thought about what that title means…the ins and outs of shepherding?

One of my favorite books is Philip Keller’s A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23.  If you haven’t read it, I can’t express to you how much you’ll enjoy it.  It’s a simple, but comprehensive look at our Savior’s diligent, loving care for us as His children.  I finished this book with a greater understanding of my favorite psalm and also a greater understanding of my precious Savior.  It made me fall more in love with Him.

Friend, if you are overwhelmed at the prospect of caring for everyone in your home, remember that you have One who cares far more for you than you may ever imagine!!  Rest in His care today!

With Love,


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the best way to love our children

This post is adapted and edited from a previous post… on another blog.

my man… and our babies

I have long heard it proclaimed to men: “The best way to love your children is to love their mommy. and let them KNOW you love their mommy!” This obvious affection creates stability that children so desperately need.

This idea is rooted in Biblical truths, but for today I am simply going to relate personal experience.

And I am going to tip the tables and say it backwards: “The best way for ME [mommy] to love my children is to love their daddy; and make sure they KNOW it!”

 I must be INTENTIONAL about my love for him. 

I have come to notice that the more I devote my time, attention and even Bible study & prayer to simply loving my husband in the way he feels love [Biblically and through his love language], the nicer I am to my children when they are whiny and the more joy comes to me when doing the mundane–laundry, dishes, etc.

Happy Mommy = Happy home.

I have read so much recently about how loosing this focus can have exponential consequences in a relatively short amount of time {affairs, divorce, plain out awfulness!} that this post came back to my mind… and I just wanted to encourage each of us to remember: God’s pleasure is our goal; and keeping our husband first in our heart [you know what I mean!] and making sure he knows it and the children know it are a very BIG way to bring God glory! 

So, my goal today is to commit my mind to pleasing my children’s father {the LOVE of my life}; and whether or not the clothing actually gets put away, our home will be a happier place! [but I’m working on getting the laundry put away!!]

Do you know your husband’s love language? Use it to make him feel loved! 🙂

I pray these thoughts are encouraging to someone today!